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Join the "Grassroots Building Team"

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DFLA Newsletter
February, 2017     
The Whole Life Voice Within the Democratic Party
Our numbers are growing, and we need to raise money for more staff! Join our "Grassroots Building Team" today.
Take a look at these outreach numbers from our Facebook page over the past 7 days. 
  • Page Views - Increased 422%
  • Audience Reach - Increased 739%
  • Post Engagements - Increased 970% to 28,752 people
  • Page Likes - Increased by 1041%
Democrats For Life of America is seeing greater interest and growth than ever before! In order for us to be the most effective in our outreach to Pro-Life Democrats, we need a dedicated staffer to build up and support vibrant and active DFLA state chapters in all 50 states.
Good News! We are doing just that.
The DFLA Board has authorized the hiring of a state chapter coordinator, provided that we can raise the funds.
We are starting with a small goal. We will hire a state chapter coordinator to work no more than 10 hours a week with a cap of $600 per month. And that's where you come in!
Join the "Grassroots Building Team". We need 20 of our members to commit to $30 per month for this important effort. Or, if you are feeling really generous, cover one week for $150. Any amount helps. You can make this commitment by clicking here.
Many of you have contacted DFLA to say that you are interested in helping. Having a dedicated person who will focus on helping our state chapters will make a tremendous difference.
Please consider a donation today. Your contribution will go toward helping to connect and advocate for Pro-Life Democrats in every state across our great country, and to furthering the work that DFLA does every day. We need your help! Every penny helps in our efforts to hire a state chapter coordinator to organize our state chapter efforts. 
With your help, Democrats for Life of America can help to build a nation that is Pro-Life for the Whole Life! Please consider joining the "Grassroots Building Team" to help our efforts!
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Thank you for supporting our Conference FundThe second annual Pro-Life Women's Conference will be held June 23-25, 2017, in Orlando, Florida. DFLA will be attending as a sponsor because of your support!
The fight for Life is on again in the State of New York, as the "Medical Aid in Dying Act" has been reintroduced in the New York State House.
DFLA Board Member Charlie Camosy wrote a great piece for the New York Daily News on why assisted suicide is both morally wrong and against liberal principles of caring for the poor, disadvantaged, and forgotten in society. Check it out! If you are interested in helping out in New York, please visit their website!
NEWS FROM COLORADO:DFL of Colorado is having a state chapter meeting at Park Hill Branch Library in Denver, CO. The meeting will be held on Saturday, February 18th, at 10 a.m. If you are located in Colorado and interested in attending, please RVSP on Facebook!
Democrats For Life Florida State Chapter is looking to reorganize and rebuild! If you are located in Florida and are willing to help our state chapter out, please check out their Facebook page!

Assisted Suicide vs. liberal values

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The following article was published January 30th in the New York Daily News by DFLA Board Member Charles Camosy. The link to the article is here.


The physician-assisted suicide debate has arrived in New York in earnest.

Last week saw the Medical Aid in Dying Act introduced in the state Legislature. The bill would allow doctors to prescribe lethal doses of drugs to terminally ill patients. Those patients would then have the option to ingest the drugs and kill themselves. The push is led by Democratic legislators including Assemblywoman Amy Paulin of Scarsdale and Sen. Diane Savino of Staten Island.

But when you think deeply about the practice of assisted suicide, it is antithetical to liberal values.

Paulin led the charge on this bill after experiencing her sister’s battle with ovarian cancer. She had to use feeding tubes for nearly a year because of how the cancer attacked her stomach. Her sister eventually refused all treatment and died soon after, but the worst part was that when the end did come, Paulin was unable to be present with her sister.

Ex-AG will fight right-to-die bill

“I will always remember when my brother-in-law said to me: ‘All she wanted was for you to be there,’ ” Paulin said. “It’s broken my heart.”

No one can be unmoved by such stories. Those who support physician-assisted suicide do so out of place of deep compassion for vulnerable, suffering people.

But most people who honestly contemplate the long-term consequences of this legislation realize that legalizing the practice does the opposite of what is intended.

Such was the case in 2012 when Massachusetts had assisted suicide on the ballot. Polls indicated overwhelming support — only 19% wanted it to remain illegal. But as the people of the commonwealth began to study and understand the issue, support began to fade.

Court ruling doesn't allow doctor-assisted suicides in N.Y.

And while some think of physician-assisted suicide as a liberal cause, the rhetoric of most supporters is deeply conservative. Even libertarian: “Get big government out of our lives! Privacy! Freedom! My individual rights trump your view of justice!”

That’s why the wife of the late U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy, Victoria Kennedy, claimed that passing assisted suicide in Massachusetts would insult the memory of her husband. Physicians’ groups and disability rights organizations also let the public know they didn’t want to legalize this form of expedited dying.

The results were astonishing. In just a few months, Massachusetts progressives turned the polls around and defeated the ballot measure.

We cannot let difficult and emotional cases make bad law. Palliative care — and especially terminal sedation — can now keep almost all patients from feeling even the worst pain. Stories like Paulin’s above conjure up scary images of patients writhing in torment — but in reality physical pain doesn’t even make the top five reasons people request physician-assisted suicide.

Canada introduces new assisted suicide law for adults

The reasons far more likely to be about not wanting to be a burden on others.

But there is absolutely no way to control the reasons why anyone requests assisted suicide. Which leads to impossible questions: What’s the basis for limiting it to those who will die in six months; why not six years? Why need one be dying in the first place? We are told in other medical contexts, after all, that the state is not to get between a patient and her doctor.

Think this is too dramatic? Consider the Dutch, who also highly prize freedom and autonomy, and have had euthanasia for several decades now. They first limited it to cases of “hopeless and unbearable suffering,” but just a few years ago, an otherwise healthy woman was killed via assisted suicide simply because she was losing her eyesight.

We can see the beginnings of a similar slippery slope in Oregon, where doctors have seen assisted-suicide drugs kill depressed patients.

On other issues, liberals rightly focus on how laws affect vulnerable populations. Liberals in Massachusetts worried that older people, already thought to be a drain or burden in a culture which worships youth and capital production, might be pressured to consider assisted suicide.

Those of us with progressive philosophies must instead unequivocally affirm the goodness of the existence of the old and sick. Especially when our consumerist culture tells them they have no net value.

Given our American obsession with autonomy and freedom, this slope can do nothing but get even more slippery.

Camosy is an associate professor at Fordham University specializing in bioethics.

House passes bill to ban abortion funding

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DFLA Newsletter
January, 2017     
The Whole Life Voice Within the Democratic Party
January 25, 207
Contact: Kristen Day/703-424-6663
HOUSE PASSES H.R. 7, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act
Thank you, Pro-Life Democratic Congressmen Dan Lipinski (D-IL), Collin Peterson (D-MN), and Henry Cuellar (D-TX) for your votes.
On January 24, 2017, the House passed H.R. 7, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion ​Act, which would end the yearly debate over federal funding for abortion. The bill would codify the Hyde Amendment and clarify that the ​Hyde Amendment applies to the Affordable Care Act.
“Since the Hyde Amendment passed in 1978, it has been long-standing policy that no taxpayer funds shall be used to pay for abortion,” said Kristen Day, exectutive director, Democrats For Life of America.  “For decades, Congress has attached the language to the annual appropriations bills.  H.R. 7 simply does what a majority of Americans support and will make this ban permanent law." 
The bill's language is almost ​identical to language that has passed both the House and Senate dozens of times and has been supported by both pro-choice and pro-life legislators on both sides of the aisle. H.R. 7 would prohibit federal funding of abortion except for the cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother. H.R. 7 does not prohibit abortion, nor does it prohibit health insurance plans from covering abortion. It simply clarifies that no federal funds will be used to pay for abortion.
“H.R. 7 is consistent with current law and the Executive Order to the Affordable Care Act that prohibits federal funding for abortion while continuing to allow women to use their own money to pay for abortion,” said Day.  “It will also provide consumers with assurances that the plan they purchase will not violate their conscience rights.”
The legislation will now go to the Senate for consideration.
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We made our goal!!
Thank you so much for the generosity of all who have donated! Thanks to you, we were able to successfully meet our matching goal of $3,000 that was matched by a generous donor, allowing all of your contributions to go twice as far!!
But there are still many initiatives that Democrats For Life is looking to sponsor and promote to have a continued presence nationwide, to represent the Whole-Life cause. We still need to raise $180 to attend the Pro-Life Women's Conference in May.
Please consider helping today. Remember, every dollar will be matched!
Please consider making a donation today to our Conference Fund so we can continue to spread our message. The second annual Pro-Life Women's Conference will be held June 23-25, 2017, in Orlando, Florida. We are only $180 away from our goal to be an event sponsor. Will you consider a contribution today? Please click here.

Report from the Women's March

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DFLA Newsletter
January, 2017     
The Whole Life Voice Within the Democratic Party
PRO-LIFE WOMEN MADE THEIR VOICES HEARD AT THE WOMEN'S MARCH: "Feminism is about equality, not abortion!"
I was proud to join with other members of Democrats For Life of America at the Women's March in D.C. this past weekend. We worked hard for our cause prior to the election and did not see the point in marching until we heard that the organizer
s had banned pro-life women's groups from co-sponsoring the event. We joined up with New Wave Feminists and held our posters high! 
While it was a lost opportunity to unite women under the pro-feminist banner to call for political, social, and enonomic equality, it was very important for us to represent the Whole Life view. 
The organizers of the Women's March in D.C. were, no doubt, dismayed to see celebrities and reputable news organizations such as CNN and MSNBC question their choice to exclude the pro-life women.  Celebrity chef Padma Lakshmi told Jake Tapper, "Feminism is not about abortion.  Feminism is about equal rights....All feminism means is everyone is the same."  Padma Lakshmi on why she joined D.
C. protesters, CNN Online, 1/21/17.
Other marchers asked for our signs and thanked us for being there!
We had some extremely encouraging and wonderful discussions about what unites us as women. All women agreed with us when we spoke of our advocacy to end pregnancy as a pre-existing condition, and for health care. Women on both sides of the abortion debate agreed when we spoke of the importance of paid maternity leave and allowing children to stay on their parents' plans until they are 26. They also agreed with us when we said that the Affordable Care Act (ACA) saves lives. There were also women who supported and
agreed with our message that we should protect ALL life from conception to natural death. 
It was especially joyful to see the large number of youth who showed up to march as pro-lifers!  Please go to our facebook page to see the many inspirational signs they held.
Women have had so much success, but we will only truly win when we can support and unite ALL women's voices under the banner and advocacy for political, social, and economic equality. We don't have to agree on how to get there; we just need to support one another to achieve those goals.
your your help and support, and we look forward to continuing the fight and share our message that we are "Pro-life for the Whole Life" at the March For Life on January 27th. Please scroll down for DFLA's events during the March For Life in Washington, D.C.!
We are still working hard to promote the Pro-Life view in our party and throughout our country, and being able to unite women everywhere to promote the cause and dignity of human life. Please consider making a donation today to help continue our efforts.
Table of Contents
We've almost made our goal! 
Thank you so much to the generosity of all who have donated! We are only $310 away from our goal of $3,000. Please consider helping today. Remember, every dollar will be matched!
Please consider making a donation today to our Conference Fund so we can continue to spread our message. The second annual Pro-life Women's Conference will be held June 23-25, 2017, in Orlando, Florida. We are only $300 away from our goal to be an event sponsor. Will you consider a contribution today? Please click here.

Contact Your Representative

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DFLA Action Alert
January 23,  2017     
Action Alert
The Whole Life Voice Within the Democratic Party
Contact your Representative to urge a "Yes" vote
The U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act" this week. Pro-life Democratic Congressman Dan Lipinski co-sponsored the legislation, along with Republican Congressman Chris Smith. 
The legislation will make the Hyde Amendment language permanent and ensure that taxpayer dollars are not used to pay for abortion.
We urge you to contact your representative and urge him or her to support the legislation. If you do not know who your representative is, please click here and enter your zip code to find your representative.
Table of Contents
President Trump signed an Executive Order today to reinstate the Mexico City Policy. The policy ensures that taxpayer funds will go only to organizations that do not perform or promote abortion.
According to a recent Marist Poll83 percent of respondents opposed taxpayer funding of abortion overseas. The same poll showed that 70 percent of Democrats oppose subsidizing abortions overseas.

DFLA Mission Statement

Democrats For Life of America advocates and supports programs and policies that respect and promote life from conception to natural death. This includes, but is not limited to, opposition to abortion, capital punishment, and euthanasia.  Learn more...