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Pro-Life Issues

Protecting Unborn Lives = Defending Human Rights #IStandwithKirsten

Protecting Unborn Lives = Defending Human Rights


Kirsten Powers has made a lot of people think recently.  She challenged the media’s silence on the Gosnell trial.  She pointed out that most women do not in fact support late-term abortion.  And she’s challenging the narrative that defenders of legalized abortion are on the side of human rights.


Kirsten Powers challenged this, saying, “Human-rights movements have traditionally existed to help the voiceless and those without agency gain progressively more rights. Yet in the case of abortion, the voiceless have progressively lost rights at the hands of people who claim to be human-rights crusaders. Abortion-rights leaders have turned the world upside down.”


Kirsten has hit the nail on the head once again.  And Democrats for Life of America stands with Kirsten as she exposes the way abortion-rights advocates have tried to hijack the ‘human rights’ label.  We stand with her on the side of the voiceless, those who have been stripped of their most fundamental right: the right to life.


Democrats for Life has long viewed the protection of human life, including the defense of unborn lives, as a human right issue.  In our explanation of Who We Are, DFLA says that “we believe that the protection of human life is the foundation of human rights.”

Kathy Dahlkemper Remarks - Democratic National Convention

Kathy Dahlkemper - DNC 2012

Democrats for Life of America Panel

Tuesday, September 4


I am a Proud Democrat.  I am a proud Pro-life Democrat.  And I often refer to myself as a Whole Life Democrat because I believe in the sanctity of lIfe from conception to natural death.  This believe wraps around the ideals of Social Justice, of honoring human dignity, of focusing on the Common Good.

As a voter, I have searched for candidates who had my values, who are truly pro-life.  I have found them few and far between.

I am from Western Pennsylvania.  This is a traditional area of the country.  It is traditional versus conservative.  It is by and large a pro-life area.  Western Pennsylvania residents are mostly middle class; unions are strong; and there is a slight Democratic registration advantage.  But this part of the country often votes Republican because of the life issue.

Bart Stupak Remarks-Democratic National Convention

Bart Stupak - DNC 2012

Democrats for Life of America Panel

Tuesday, September 4

"I am Bart Stupak, former Congressman from Michigan. I am pleased to serve on the Board of Directors of Democrats for Life of America.

I am a proud and faithful Pro-Life Democrat.

Even though our party platform promotes a pro-choice position, there are many Democrats throughout the country who remain steadfast in the

fight to protect the sanctity of life.  We remain convinced that it is most often the democrats who continue to promote positions that provide all Americans, during all stages of Life, support, encouragement, compassion,  and the opportunity to fully enjoy the benefits and freedoms that our country offers.

Democrats, and faithful Pro-Life Democrats, believe that we must stand up for ideas and proposals that promote a better quality of life for everyone, such as Health Care for All Americans, Medicare, Social Security, WIC, pre-natal and elder care.  Throughout our Nation

Remarks by Steve Schneck - Democratic National Convention

Steve Schneck - DNC 2012

Democrats for Life of America Panel

Tuesday, September 4

The current GOP presidential ticket is a good reminder for pro-life voters why they should support DEMOCRATS for Life of America. Why pro-life voters, despite our continuing opposition to abortion on demand in America, should support the Democratic Party and President Obama

Remarks by Tom Berg - Democratic National Convention

Tom Berg - DNC 2012

Democrats for Life of America Panel

Tuesday, September 4

Why do I call myself a pro-life Democrat, and why do I work with an organization called Democrats for Life?  For two reasons: I believe in the overall values the Democratic Party has stood for, and I believe the problem of abortion cannot be seriously addressed without those values.

Democrats have historically taken the side of the vulnerable and insisted that society has a role in protecting them.  Pro-life Democrats continue to follow those values and call on the Party to follow them concerning unborn children, who are human beings in positions of total vulnerability.

We also believe that there is no way of solving the problem of abortion without strong social supports for women and children.  Preventing abortion requires addressing the economic and other pressures that make abortion seem, for so many women, like the only choice.  Supporting women and children is the right thing for a just society to do.  Pro-choice and pro-life people can find common ground on that.  And supporting women and children is necessary for the pro-life position to succeed.  If women are in desperate circumstances because of holes in our social safety net, abortions will rise.  And pro-lifers can talk all the want about laws restricting abortion: public opinion will increasingly turn against those laws if people see women to be in desperate circumstances.  Only a whole-life approach can reduce abortion for the long term.

Steve Schneck will talk more about the evidence linking poverty and abortion.  Three-quarters of women having abortions listed inability to afford a child as a major factor in their decision.  Abortion rates are four times as high among women below the federal poverty level.  In Western Europe, despite its liberal social attitudes, abortion rates run well below those of America because of the European safety net.

Unfortunately, today

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