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Position Papers


For so long, many pro-life Democrats have focused on the way we have been mistreated and marginalized. No more. We need a positive vision of the future if we are going to change the trajectory of American politics. We need people who are ready to build DFLA so that we can unite pro-life Democrats and show the size and power of our constituency.

Over the next year, we will focus on three areas: membership, legislation, and judicial cases.



There are 21 million pro-life Democrats in this country. If we can build our grassroots effort, we will be a more effective voice in changing our party and supporting pro-life Democratic candidates. We should focus on rebuilding our efforts at the state level where there are numerous opportunities for legislative success.


We need volunteers to lead our state chapters, and we need a better communication system to engage with you, our DFLA membership. You are our allies for life; we would be nothing without your support and commitment to this common cause.






We continue to engage within the legal arena. We filed several amicus briefs to support reasonable accommodations for the contraception mandate, and we recently submitted an amicus briefs in a case that is hampering the efforts of sidewalk counselors who provide alternatives to abortion. The DFLA Legal Committee is seeking other opportunities to weigh in with our unique perspective.






As you may know, several years ago we started on a journey to reduce abortion by 95 percent in 10 years through the 95-10 Initiative/Pregnant Women Support Act (95-10/PWSA). After an intense lobbying effort, most of our provisions were included in the Affordable Care Act. Seventeen states are now using grant money from the ACA to support pregnant women.


The most recent statistics tell us that the abortion rate has dropped around 5 percent. That is good news because the numbers are moving in the right direction. It is clear that access to alternatives reduces the abortion rate. Building on the success of the 95-10 program will continue to provide women with alternatives to abortion.


We are preparing a federal legislative agenda that will include Senator Casey's bill to expand funding for the 95-10/PWSA. His bill is currently pending action by the Senate.

Member Survey

If you follow Democrats for Life on Facebook or twitter, you may have noticed an increase in our activity lately. However, we realize that our members have different preferences on how they receive information.

Please help us by filling out the survey below.  We want to do a better job of keeping you informed.

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