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How come DFLA doesn’t endorse Republicans? While GOP has taken some steps against abortion, ultimately they have shown over and over again that profit is more important to them than the Right to Life. The last major Pro-Life bill passed was the Partial-Birth Abortion ban back in 2003, which passed with the help of Pro-Life Democrats. Since then nothing has happened at the national level, when the GOP had control of both the Presidency and Congress, instead of passing legislation to make the Hyde Amendment the law of the land, they focused on a deeply flawed repeal of the Affordable Care Act which failed and then passed a tax cut bill the heavily favored the rich. GOP also has done little...

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What is Whole-Life?

What is Whole-Life Philosophy “A systemic vision of life seeks to expand the moral imagination of a society, not partition it into airtight categories... A consistent ethic of life seeks to present a coherent linkage among a diverse set of issues. It can and should be used to test party platforms, public policies" and candidates for office.” Cardinal Joseph Bernardin Archbishop of Chicago 1982-1996             Democrats for Life is founded around a Whole-Life Philosophy, which is sometimes called the seamless garment or the consistent life ethic. Whole-Life believes that every person is worthy of life, dignity, and respect from conception...

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Open positions

Paid positions   None available at this time. Volunteer positions As a grassroots organization, DFLA needs talented, committed volunteers. Our volunteers work with a small but brilliant team of passionate activists to supercharge DFLA. You will steer our organization at a crucial time of growth, spearhead an upswell in the Democratic Party, and help protect society’s most vulnerable, from pre-born children to those on death row. You will have opportunities to engage with prominent elected pro-life Democrats and have substantial responsibility. No prior charitable, political, or activist experience is required, but we benefit tremendously from self-starters who define their...

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Our Team Kristen DayExecutive Director Download a high-res version Kristen Day is the Executive Director of Democrats For Life of America and oversees all operations of the Washington, D.C. office. Kristen began her interest in politics at Michigan State University where she was elected to serve as a Precinct Delegate during her sophomore year. She worked for State Representative Rick Sitz and went on to work for the Government Affairs Office at Michigan State University. After graduation, Kristen followed her lifelong dream to work on Capitol Hill where she eventually rose to serve in the highest position as the Chief of Staff for Congressman Jim Barcia.One of her passions was...

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