DFLA Board of Directors

Terrisa Bukovinac (President & National Organizing Director)

Terrisa is an atheist, feminist, vegan, Democrat, and a consistent life activist. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Pro-Life San Francisco, a millennial-led, multipartisan organization resisting the influence of the abortion industry in one of the most pro-abortion climates in the world. In addition to her role at Democrats for Life of America she is also a co-leader of Secular Pro-Life and serves on the board of Rehumanize International.

Terrisa graduated at the top of her class from Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts and has over 15 years experience in business and team management with several fortune 500 companies. She is an active mentor for the Students for Life Wilberforce Fellowship and speaks to pro-life groups throughout the nation on secular and millennial outreach. Her efforts have been featured in major media outlets such as NBC News Now, the Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, NPR, Slate, Refinery29, Daily Signal, and the Christian Post. She resides in San Francisco with her two cats.

Xavier Bisits (Vice President & Director of Operations)

Xavier is a long-time pro-life and consistent life activist. He grew up in Australia, before studying politics at Trinity College, Cambridge as a Commonwealth Scholar, where he edited the student newspaper and founded the pro-life society.

After studying at the University of Virginia as a Lenox-Conyngham Scholar, he moved to the US, where he now works in business in Washington, DC.In 2019, he worked on post-ISIS reconstruction projects in Iraq.

He has written for The Wall Street Journal, America Magazine, and National Review. He is a Side B Christian. At DFLA, he acts as a volunteer Director of Operations. In this capacity, he sponsors DFLA's Candidate Committee, which runs DFLA's campaigning, lobbying, and candidate support efforts. 

Matt Tuman (Chair & Treasurer)

Matt formerly worked on Capitol Hill for Senator Bob Casey and former Congressman Christopher Carney. He is a graduate of Mount St. Mary’s University.

He serves as the State Chapter Coordinator for DFLA, working to build up DFLA chapters locally across the country.

Matt is a native of northeastern Pennsylvania and now resides in Washington, DC.

Ashley Jones (Finance & Marketing Strategist)

Ashley Jones joined the DFLA Board in 2021 as a financial and marketing strategist. She lives in beautiful Florida where she works as a business consultant specializing in financial, marketing, and data analytics strategy for the private and public sector.

Ashley has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Rollins College and a Masters in Business Administration from California Baptist University. As former student-athlete, she brings a high-energy and collaborative spirit to DFLA; the same presence she strives to bring to her community through living out the Catholic Social Teaching.

In her free time, she leads pro-life initiatives where she organizes fundraisers, empowers volunteers through virtual and in-person coaching, and raises awareness of local pregnancy centers to help mothers and fathers support their children. In addition, she trains young mothers through her financial acumen training program while serving as an advisor for pregnancy centers on organizational and financial strategy.

While she places a special focus on families and their children, she volunteers to support the incarcerated and advocates for a restorative justice system. She holds to a consistent life ethic and seeks to make the world more beautiful, human, and just.

Lisa Stiller (Secretary)

Lisa Stiller's background includes work in education and journalism. She has an MA in Secondary Education and an MA in Communication Studies. She has volunteered for many nonprofits, using her skills in media, training, writing and editing, lobbying, and event coordination.

Lisa has been a board member of Consistent Life since 2012, helping coordinate conferences, write resource material, and advocate anywhere she can for the Consistent Life Ethic. She organizes tables and booths at many national conferences, including many where agendas are not always in line with a Consistent Life Ethic. Her work experience includes teaching from elementary school to higher ed, working as a school counselor, and working in print and broadcast journalism.

Her whole life, Lisa has stood up to friends, family, fellow Democrats, and the people she volunteers with to advocate for life. Lisa currently lives near Portland, Oregon.

Monica Sparks

Monica Sparks is an elected pro-life Democrat. In 2020, she was elected to her second term on the Kent County Commission, having first been elected in 2018.

In addition to her work as an official, she is a real estate agent and radio host. In 2018, she was selected by Grand Rapids Business Journal as one of the "50 Most Influential Women in West Michigan." Monica and her husband, Lonnie, have two children. 

She and her twin sister were adopted at the age of eight from foster care, which informs her work as an outspoken pro-life advocate. She was a featured speaker at DFLA's 2018 conference in Michigan.

Craig Miller

Rabbi Craig B. Miller lives in Passaic, New Jersey, with his wife, two dogs, and three rabbits. He owns Black Rabbit Marketing, which offers Strategic Marketing Services to a range of clients from those offering health insurance alternatives to political campaigns.

An active Democrat, he has worked with political candidates for almost three decades.

In 2010, Craig was elected as one of nine commissioners overseeing the City of Passaic School System responsible for over 15,000 students and 3,000 staff -- a position he has been re-elected to twice. He is the proud father of three children including a special needs son.

Herb Geraghty

Herb Geraghty

Herb Geraghty is the Executive Director of Rehumanize International, a secular, non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing an end to all forms of aggressive violence against human beings through education, discourse, and action.

Herb first entered the Consistent Life Ethic movement back in 2016 as a Rehumanize summer intern while studying rhetoric and politics at the University of Pittsburgh and has been organizing for life, peace, and justice since then. Throughout the years, Herb’s unique position as a pro-life atheist and registered Democrat has broken down barriers to reach demographics often untapped by the mainstream pro-life movement. Similarly, Herb’s common ground on the abortion issue with many folks on the political right has enabled productive outreach on the issues of police brutality, imperialism, and the death penalty. Herb has a passion for building bridges and finding common ground with people across the political spectrum to call everyone to a greater consistency in the fight for human rights.

Herb also serves on the board of the Pro-Life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

Wade Thompson

Wade Thompson (Colonel, USAF, retired) joined the DFLA Board in 2021.  A decorated A-10 pilot, he commanded at the squadron, group, and center levels.  His other assignments while in uniform included running non-partisan liaison offices in Washington, DC, teaching as a Professor of Aerospace Studies, and serving as the Chief of Staff for Pacific Air Forces.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Astronautical Engineering from the US Air Force Academy and Master’s degrees from the University of Helsinki and Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government.  Since his retirement from the Air Force, he has worked in business development for several large companies.

Wade dedicated his career to protecting the lives of others and that certainly includes the lives of the innocent unborn.  Working to expand the influence of a whole life ethic, Wade and his family live in Tucson, Arizona.

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