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Democrats For Life of America Celebrates Supreme Court Overturning Roe

Looks to Brighter Future Washington, D.C.--Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) celebrates today’s decision by the Supreme Court of the United States in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. With the overturning of the legal regime fabricated in Roe vs. Wade, Doe vs. Bolton, and Planned Parenthood vs. Casey, DFLA welcomes a brighter day for all women, their preborn children, and our treasured democracy. “DFLA will continue advocating and fighting for a better future.” Ms. Monica Sparks, President of DFLA, asked, “How can we utilize this decision as a springboard to build equitable futures and foundations in marginalized areas? DFLA calls on the Democratic Party to listen to the...

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Protect the Poor

African American Pastors for the Hyde Amendment See our Signatures Add your name in support We strongly condemn any attempt to remove the Hyde Amendment from the FY 2022 Federal Budget.  The African American Church has a long history of fighting for human rights. From our right to vote, buy homes, own businesses, and go to school to living free from police brutality, we have pursued these rights because they are due to us.  We haven’t just fought for our “rights” in America; we have also fought to be seen as human and made in the image of God. This fight for our humanity still goes on today — and includes our children in the womb and their mothers. Simply put, with...

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Ask your legislator to sign the Pledge to Save Hyde! Find and email your reps! US Congress US Senate Or, send them this Pledge Card Download Postcard PDF Legislators & Candidates can sign the Pledge online! Legislators' Online #SaveHyde Pledge Form Office(*) --Select oneUS SenateUS CongressUS Territory Delegate Please choose one District Please use only letters and numbers State or US Territory(*) --Select oneAlabamaAlaskaAmerican SamoaArizonaArkansasCaliforniaColoradoConnecticutDelawareDistrict...

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Why get an endorsement

Why get an endorsement from DFLA Getting an endorsement from Democrats for Life of America brings has numerous benefits. A DFLA endorsement sends a message to voters & campaigners that you are committed to Whole Life values An endorsement will afford your campaign more visibility An endorsement signals to our grassroots membership that your campaign is worth supporting An endorsement brings you into our network of elected pro-life Democrat In some cases, DFLA, as a 501(c)(4), may choose to make independent expenditures supporting or opposing the election of a candidate. DFLA has a partner PAC in the process of being set up. You can fill out our candidate questionnaire here.

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What is DFLA's mission? We exist to help pro-life Democrats win office and pass laws that are Pro-Life for the Whole Life. What does Pro-Life for the Whole Life mean? Although abortion deserves special consideration as the most striking violation of human rights in the Democratic Party platform, we support the Consistent Life Ethic. This means that we are opposed to any policies or actions that undermine the value of human life.  Specifically, we focus on five areas: opposing abortion, opposing assisted suicide, opposing the death penalty, improving healthcare, and taking action on systemic racism. The Consistent Life Ethic means we strive to be consistent in the stances we take....

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