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DFLA Newsletter
March, 2017     
The Whole Life Voice Within the Democratic Party
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Dear Friend,
The Democratic Party is in crisis, and the time is ripe for us to impact the rebuilding of the devastation. There are several things we need to do, and we need your help. 
First, we must meet with the new party chair, Tom Perez, and the vice-chair, Congressman Keith Ellison.  Neither one is talking about the strength of the Big Tent,and we must educate both of them on how pro-life Democrats are critical to winning. We have made the request to meet, and we will keep you up-to-date on their response.
Second, we need your help to send a message. If you are giving money to the Democratic Party, please stop. No more pro-life Democratic money can go to help an organization that is currently working against us. Every time your party asks for money, please respond that you will start giving again when pro-life Democrats are welcome. Don't hesitate to donate directly to pro-life Democrats, as they need your help more than ever!
Third, please make a contribution to Democrats For Life's Open the Big Tent initiative. Our Big Tent initiative is beginning to receive the attention of the media, who are asking the Democratic National Committee why they aren't welcoming the pro-life Democrats. Our Big Tent report at the DNC made an impact! We are in the process of updating it with the current data. Still, we are an under-fundedorganization facing a well-established and well-funded 189-year-old organization. So we need your support.
If we are going to win, we need your help. If we win, we can win back the majority. If we win, we can pass paid leave for working families, save programs to assist people in need, and preserve the good parts of the Affordable Care Act and work to fix the parts that are not working. If we win, preborn children will receive the protection they deserve, and pregnant women will be supported.
The time is now! There are common ground and common purpose to be found, and we can lead the effort with your help. Please make a contribution today!
The State Chapter focus remains on building up the grassroots by getting in touch with people who want to get involved in various capacities. There is a lot of great enthusiasm for people to help out in a variety of ways in our existing chapters, as well as people who would like to help us get chapters started in states where we currently do not have them.
We are also getting out the word about our State Chapter Conference being available through live stream so that people who are unable to come can participate. Many people have expressed interest in this, which will allow us to connect to people who live outside the Northeast and are unable to make it.  We are also going to be in a panel discussion of Pro-Life Democrats next month at Catholic University.More information will be provided about this when it becomes finalized.
Democrats For Life Upcoming Events:
DFLA State Chapter Conference
Everyone Welcome!
Philadelphia, PA
April 1-2, 2017

Pro-Life Women's Conference
DFLA will be a sponsor! (FUNDED!)

Orlando, FL
June 23-25

Milwaukee, WI
June 29-July 1
Consistent Life Conference
FUNDING NEEDED!  Kristen Day is a speaker!
 Eastern, PA
August 4-6
Will you consider a contribution today to our Conference Fund? Every dollar counts toward making DFLA's presence known to both Pro-Lifers and Democrats. Please click here.

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