Michigan Pro-Life Democrats Succeed in Opening the Big Tent to Pro-life Voters National Party Also Opens the Door

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August 23, 2018                                                              

Washington, D.C.:  Several counties in Michigan passed conscience language to include pro-life voters in the Democratic Party. Although conscience language did not make the final version of the Michigan Democratic platform, pro-life Democrats will be involved in the convention this weekend and are working toward forming a Pro-life Democratic Caucus.

“It is encouraging to see the Michigan Democratic Party work with pro-life Democrats for compromise and inclusion,” said Kristen Day, the executive director of Democrats For Life of America. We appreciate Michigan Party Chairman Brandon Dillon's willingness to work with our local chapter to find solutions to make our party stronger. Missouri Democratic Party Chairman Steve Webber should take note.”

The Missouri Democratic Party passed an amendment to the platform to include pro-life Democrats and then called a special meeting to eliminate the inclusive language. Both the Michigan Democratic Party and the national Democratic Party have taken stronger measures to show that pro-life Democrats can and should be active members of the party. 

 "We are pleased that both the Michigan Democratic Party and the national Democratic Party have taken a different direction from Missouri. They are embracing an inclusive atmosphere,” said Day.“Our representatives will be at two different Democratic events this weekend.”

Pro-life Democrats will be staffing tables at the Michigan Democratic Convention in Lansing, Michigan, and the National Democratic Committee quarterly meeting in Chicago, Illinois. DFLA believes that running the right person for the district will help bring back Democratic majorities in states such as  Michigan, where Democrats have not controlled both chambers of the legislature since 1983.

“The Republicans hold a 27 to 11 majority in the state Senate and a 63 to 47 majority in the state house," said Day. “If Democrats want to regain control of the Michigan Legislature, opening the big tent and being inclusive is the way to do it. When the party stands behind and embraces all its members, we win. We are moving in the right direction.”


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