Democrats Urge UP or DOWN Vote on Born-Alive Abortion Survivor Protection Act



It is time for REASON on the abortion issue: Democrats For Life of America urges the U.S. Congress to have an up or down vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivor Protection Act.

We recognize that a yea or nay vote is a political move by Republicans to show how extreme Democrats have become on this issue – but this time they have a point.   

With the recent New York law, and with several other states proposing to eliminate all health and safety regulation of the abortion industry, a full, open, and honest debate on whether we as a nation should protect infants who are born alive following an abortion is suddenly vitally important.

We need to look no further than the faces of the 2019 March of Dimes Walk for Babies, which include Juliana McBride, born at 25 weeks into her mom’s pregnancy and weighing one pound and 11 ounces, and brothers Luke and Jake born at 24 weeks into their mom’s pregnancy, for validation of the humanity of tiny pre-term babies. Scores of these toddlers grin at the camera from the March of Dimes website and YouTube – some born as early as 20 weeks. 

Since Roe v. Wade, science has shown us life in the womb, and our understanding of fetal development has grown exponentially. And yet, our U.S. policy allowing abortion through nine months puts us in line with only seven other developed nations, including North Korea and China.

Like those who deny climate change, those who deny the humanity of a six-month-old child in the womb have lost their reason.  We urge the United States Congress to show reason. 

While the Born-Alive Abortion Survivor Act vote is a political move to show the extremism of the position of the Democratic Party and the control that the abortion lobby has over the party, the vote is an essential first step to acknowledge the humanity of every innocent child caught in the crossfire of a political war.

We urge all members of Congress to look at the bill on its face and not through a political lens. If they do that, there is no other moral, ethical, or humane way to vote -- and that is yes. 

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