DFL of Pennsylvania joined Abby Johnson outside a Philadelphia abortion clinic on May 10, 2019.

Here is a letter from our PA State Chapter leader explaining why. 


Hello Pro-Life Democrats of Pennsylvania,

 This Friday at 11AM, former Planned Parenthood director and Pro-Life advocate Abby Johnson will be praying outside of this abortion clinic.

 We ask that you of Democrats for Life of Pennsylvania join us outside at this rally to witness to life, and to the fact that Pro-Life Democrats exist and that we have a place in this party.

We are living in heady times, where uncivility and abrasive behavior in politics has taken up much of our political discourse. 

Philadelphia State Representative Brian Sims has made bad news for himself by uploading two Twitter live streams of himself intimidating and berating Pro-Life witnesses and sidewalk counselors outside of the 12th and Locust Planned Parenthood situation. 

If you have not viewed these videos, you may do so here:

We at Democrats for Life of Pennsylvania believe this behavior by State Rep. Brian Sims is both outrageous and unacceptable.

 We are calling on our Pro-Life Democratic legislators in Harrisburg to denounce Rep. Sims outrageous behavior, and we ask that Rep. Sims apologize to those he intimidated on live social media streams and to his constituents for his behavior.

We will not be backed down by bullies like State Rep. Brian Sims. We will stand firm, united as Democrats For Life with our Whole Life message that cares for both mother and child in their time of need when mothers unexpectedly find themselves pregnant. 

If you are available to join us, please email us at

Thank you for your continued witness to the Whole Life cause.


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