Abortion Litmus Test by the Democratic Attorneys General Association out of Sync with Winning Elections

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On the eve of Governor John Bel Edwards’ win in Louisiana, which proves the ability of a pro-life Democrat to win in red states, the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) has sold out to the abortion industry by imposing a litmus test for Democratic Candidates.

Candidates like John Bel Edwards, an exemplary Democrat in areas of human service needs, equality, and diversity, would not be endorsed! Governor Edwards did not run from his pro-life position; he embraced it and was proud to promote a whole life agenda to protect and support human lives from “womb to tomb.”   This was a source of strength for his campaign.

Any abortion rights candidate would have lost.

We encourage DAGA to reconsider this shortsighted and discriminatory policy and embrace a big tent policy of inclusion if Democrats are to win throughout the country.

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