President-Elect Joe Biden Win Is Not A Mandate For Public Funding of Abortion or Overturning Roe

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President-Elect Joe Biden Win Is Not A Mandate For Public Funding of Abortion or Overturning Roe

DFLA Celebrates Pro-Life Democratic Victories Across the U.S.
WASHINGTON, DC, November 7, 2020 - Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) congratulates President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on their victory. However, the close results in important battleground states, especially among voters with strong faith convictions, reflected the great unease felt by many staunch pro-life Democrats.
“President-elect Biden’s win is by no means a mandate to embrace extreme abortion policy, like eliminating abortion regulations or the Hyde Amendment,” said Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life of America. “Our Party should not credit the pro-abortion forces for this victory and must be acutely aware that the decisive anti-Trump vote played a more substantial role in this slim Democratic victory for president.”

President-elect Biden spoke about his Catholic faith, human dignity, racial justice, and helping working men and women during his campaign. He also stressed how his leadership is critical to saving lives from the global pandemic. The whole life view resonated with many pro-life Democrats.

 Day continued, “The Democratic Party should be thankful and attentive to those voters who had enough faith in Biden’s background and humanity to cast their ballot for the ticket despite their pro-life stance. The Party should also be mindful of the negative effect the extreme abortion position had on congressional and down-ballot races - particularly in the south and middle America."
DFLA’s commitment to organize the pro-life sector of the Democrat Party is as strong as ever. They endorsed a record number of candidates and have had record-breaking growth due to frustration over increased pressure to adhere to and advance an extreme position on abortion.
“We also celebrate the large number of pro-life Democrat victories across the U.S.," said Day. "This year, 81 of our endorsed candidates won their elections. In 2021, we look forward to building on these successes to establish a bench of pro-life Democrats in local office across the nation.”

Democrats For Life of America advocates and supports programs and policies that respect and promote life from conception to natural death. This includes, but is not limited to, opposition to abortion, capital punishment, and euthanasia.


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