DFLA Statement on the Riot at the Capitol

Uniting our Nation 

January 7, 2021 



Yesterday, protesters stormed and occupied the United States Capitol, attempting to sabotage the Congressional deliberation on the Presidential election process. This disgraceful action was the culmination of weeks and weeks of provocation and false claims that undermined the November election results.

Democrats for Life of America condemns and deplores, without exception or reservation, any attempt to overturn or undermine a free and fair election, thereby subverting the majority of the American people’s will.

Our democratic republic’s foundation is what makes our fight for human rights for all human beings possible. DFLA condemns President Trump and all others who, by commission or omission, incited this reprehensible behavior with talk of a stolen election.  

Simultaneously, we applaud the Democrats and Republicans who, once the Capitol was secured, continued their duty and certified the November elections.  These legislators, many traumatized by their experience, demonstrated the strength of our country and its Institutions. We support peaceful protests and the ability of the American people to be heard on issues of importance. Our Constitution and laws offer ample opportunity for careful deliberation of all issues of concern.  Violence is not the solution to any social or political problem. 

While we acknowledge President Trump’s belated commitment to a peaceful transition of power, it has come after a day of violence and four unnecessary deaths.  America has always distinguished itself by a smooth and peaceful transfer of power every four to eight years. Until recently, this underlying unity, this shared belief in democratic principles, made us strong—President Trump’s efforts to overturn the election amount to a national insurrection. We stand with all citizens and elected officials, Democrats and Republicans, who call for a peaceful, democratic transition.  

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