DFLA Responds to Sen. Klobuchar’s Remarks about Pro-Life Members of Democratic Party

Urges Action to Follow Words About the Big Tent

By Jess Meeth, National Communications Director 

On Sunday, December 5th, 2021, Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota) discussed our country’s current debate over abortion–and specifically the place of pro-life Democrats in her party–in an interview with Meet the Press

During the interview, a clip from a February 11, 2020 ABC interview with Sen. Klobuchar was replayed in which she says, “I believe we’re a big tent Party. And there are pro-life Democrats. And they are a part of our Party. And I think we need to build a big tent. I think we need to bring people in instead of shutting them out.” Sen. Klobuchar proceeds to tell Chuck Todd: “I still think there is clearly room in our party for pro-life Democrats.”

In the interview last Sunday, Sen. Klobuchar re-affirmed that she stands by her earlier words and thinks pro-life Democrats should be included in the party. Democrats For Life is urging Senator Klobuchar to match her words with action. 

First, Senator Klochar should immediately contact Democratic Party Chairman Jamie Harrison and urge him to accept the meeting request that Democrats For Life made on behalf of pro-life Democratic elected officials.

Second, she stated that Pro-Life Democrats in her state of Minnesota have vocalized their disagreement on the abortion issue. She should accept an opportunity to speak with pro-life Democrats in her state who do not want to see the long-standing Hyde Amendment repealed. 

Third, she should immediately defend Morristown Democratic Party Chairman A.J. Oliver who is under attack from abortion rights activists calling for his resignation.

If Senator Klobuchar takes these steps, she will show that she really believes what she said.  Otherwise, it is mere rhetoric about diversity and inclusion while the discrimination and exclusion of pro-life Democrats continues.

We urge the Senator to make the big tent party more diverse and inclusive. There have been clear and unacceptable efforts to push pro-life Democrats out of the party. And while we appreciate that Senator Klobuchar is willing and open to work with (pro-choice) Republicans, why not extend that same olive branch to members of her own Party? After all, we agree with Sen. Klobuchar about much more than just one issue…

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