DFLA Statement on the Anniversary of January 6th

January 6, 2022

By Jess Meeth, National Communications Director

One year ago at around 2:30 PM outside the Capitol, rioters climbed the walls and pushed past barriers outside the building. Mobs of Trump supporters gained entry inside after storming past police, with some smashing windows, beating others, and institaging other acts of violence. Many wore MAGA hats and shouted and chanted disturbing words and slurs. 

Police began to evacuate lawmakers and staff present for the Electoral College vote. On their way out, staffers grabbed the boxes of ballots to take them to safety. Police were able to clear the rioters from the Senate floor around 3:26 PM. And at 3:36 PM, Trump finally dispatched the National Guard and other federal protective services. 

Many of us continue to experience a wide range of emotions as we face the painful memories and fear that unfolded a year ago. The insurrection shook our nation and our democracy. DFLA feels deep sadness about the political divisions that gave rise to the assault and threats against law enforcement, lawmakers, and other staff members. We honor the police officers and staff who defended the Capitol and protected democracy. We also mourn the five lives lost and their loved ones, friends, and co-workers grieving. 

A day after the attacks last year, DFLA remarked in a press release: “Democrats for Life of America condemns and deplores, without exception or reservation, any attempt to overturn or undermine a free and fair election, thereby subverting the majority of the American people’s will. Our democratic republic’s foundation is what makes our fight for human rights for all human beings possible. DFLA condemns President Trump and all others who, by commission or omission, incited this reprehensible behavior with talk of a stolen election.” 

DFLA continues to stand by this statement. We will continue to ensure that nothing like January 6, 2021 happens again. Our democracy must be protected for current and future generations. Sophie Trist, DFLA’s Messaging Director, commented: “We hope that we can use this day to strengthen democracy and promote nonviolent protest.” 

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