DFLA Statement on the Confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson

By Rev. Harriet Bradley, Director of African American Outreach & President of Democrats for Life of Georgia

Democrats For Life of America congratulates Ms. Ketanji Brown Jackson on being confirmed to be an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.  We are grateful for her service to our country and cheer her historic role as the first Black woman to serve on our nation’s highest court. Her experience in our judicial system as a public defender and a judge will enrich her service as a Supreme Court Justice.  Her confirmation is an encouragement to all women–but especially African American women–that with hard work, they can excel in spite of systemic inequalities. 

We urge Ms. Jackson to place the highest premium on all human life and to defend life in all circumstances in her role at the Supreme Court. We respectfully insist that Ms. Jackson reconsider and reevaluate her previous rulings on abortion violence and urge her in the strongest possible terms to henceforth defend both preborn children and the women who carry them. We ask Ms. Jackson to contribute–insofar as it is proper to her judicial office–to the important work of promoting the Whole Life culture, including but not limited to: abolishing the death penalty, preventing euthanasia, advancing racial justice, expanding access to health care, and protecting the environment. We also encourage Judge Jackson to depend on the faith that she so boldly and eloquently professed in her introduction to the Senate Judiciary Committee to help her promote justice for all.  

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