Fairfax, VA, April 18, 2022 -  Democrats For Life of America (DFLA) calls on DNC Chairman Jamie Harrison to immediately investigate the New Jersey Democratic Party and their advocacy and tolerance of members to use illegal tactics to change the outcome of an election. 

“For a Party that prides itself on diversity, inclusion, and tolerance, the New Jersey Democrats missed the memo,” said Kristen Day, executive director, Democrats For Life of America. “I think they may have skipped class that day and instead attended a rally by President Trump on how to overturn an election.”

After months of harassment, intolerance, and alleged illegal procedures and policies, New Jersey Democrats overturned an election. They forced a loyal and longtime Democrat, A.J. Oliver, out of office and out of the Democratic Party completely.

“This kind of discrimination against Democrats because of one issue is harmful to building a big tent party of diversity and inclusion,” said Day. “We have lost more than 60 percent of elected state Democratic senate and house members in six states in the last decade. We have lost elected Democrats in over 35 states. Forcing loyal Democrats out of office because of one issue doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

In a letter to Jaime Harrison, DFLA warned the DNC Party Chair, that the “actions by the state party could have broad implications for full participation and inclusion for Democrats who may disagree with Party leaders on a single issue.” 

“With the 2022 elections just a few months away, we can ill-afford to lose registered Democrats and registered voters,” said Day. “Instead of working with Mr. Oliver to build a stronger Democratic presence, Party leaders worked against him–even citing his LGBT identity and that he is a man as reasons why he could not hold a position on abortion. The party made it clear that his convictions precluded him from active participation and leadership.” 

A.J. Oliver was appointed Chairman of the Morristown Democratic Committee in 2020 by Morris County Democratic Chairman Chip Robinson, who noticed Mr. Oliver due to his advocacy and long-time membership in the Democratic Party. The Committee had been inactive for years. After Mr. Oliver revived the group and bolstered the local Party, the Committee was so pleased that the Committee unanimously elected Mr. Oliver to serve a two (2) year term as Chair.

“The state and local Party was pleased with and supported A.J. for his hard work to re-elect Governor Murphy and win other state races,” said Day. “Mr. Oliver’s pro-life position never affected his ability to do his job professionally and with integrity. Local party officials did not extend the same courtesy when they discovered Mr. Oliver opposed abortion. They discriminated against Mr. Oliver, harassed him, and allegedly used questionable and potentially illegal actions to remove him.”

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