Democrats For Life Stands with Mark Haugen and Urge Write In Campaign

Condemns Democratic Agitators for Bullying Him to Step Down

(Fairfax, VA) September 7, 2022 -  Democrats For Life of America (DFLA) criticized the North Dakota Democratic elites’ strong-arm tactics for removing Democratic Congressional candidate Mark Haugen from the ballot. 

“The Democratic leadership used full-fledged bullying to pressure Mark Haugen to end his Congressional Campaign 62 days before the election,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats for Life. “Haugen is a long-time and loyal Democrat who deserves better from a Party facing major challenges in this red state.”

North Dakota’s state legislature has too few Democrats among its ranks: only 7 out of 49 in the state senate and 14 out of 94 in the house. The last Democrat to hold the at-large seat was Congressman Earl Pomeroy. He suffered defeat in 2010 due to his association with the National Party’s shift toward a more radical abortion policy. Haugen, whom DFLA endorsed in his campaign for Congress, identifies as a whole-life Democrat supporting life from conception to national death.

“Instead of learning from losing the at-large seat in 2010 and seeing dwindling democratic victories North Dakota Democrats appear to embrace a strategy that has not worked,” said Day, “They adopted the national party’s line of unregulated abortion on the taxpayers’ tab.”

Democrats have been losing in states like North Dakota where voters do not relate to the National Democratic Party’s extreme abortion policy. Haugen ran for state-wide office in 2020 as a pro-life Democrats and outperformied President Biden and other state-wide Democratic candidates.

“The Democratic leadership in North Dakota is excluding and disengaging members of its own Party and willfully ignoring the voters who supported Mark Haugen in the primary,” said Day.  “We encourage voters to support the Democratic process and write in Mark Haugen on November 8th.”

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