DFLA Education Fund Releases Poll

This week the extremist wing of the Virginia Democratic Party spread misinformation about abortion provisions in the Virginia Governor’s legislative agenda. They continue to make false claims that aren’t even worth repeating. This extremist part of our party has lost all reasonableness on the abortion issue. What happened to making abortions rare and only in times of real need?

Their goal is to continue the decades-long divisiveness surrounding the abortion debate to raise money. But that is not what Virginians want.

Overwhelmingly, Virginians want our legislators to collaborate and adopt reasonable solutions to abortion. This is also our group’s goal – to find a reasonable solution for Virginia women. A reasonable compromise to the current Virginia law, which allows abortion up until birth.

This month, the DFLA Education Fund conducted a Virginia Statewide Survey and found 82 percent of respondents support a reasonable compromise on abortion policy, not extremism. Virginians support reasonable regulation and limitations to abortion. We urge our Party to stop playing politics and seek bi-partisan solutions to support the women of Virginia and their families.

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