DFLA Investigation Shows Massive Losses for Democrats Across the Nation

Fairfax, Virginia, January 4, 2023 - Democrats For Life of America warns Democratic leaders that Americans do not want extreme abortion policy. The pressure on Democratic candidates to adhere to pro-abortion radicalism is affecting elections. While Democrats limited a massive red wave, voting trends offer a dire warning.

“We have been concerned about Democratic losses in states with high rates of poverty and insufficient resources,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats For Life. “The Democratic Party ceded areas of the country to Republicans by ignoring the needs of people in those states who want better healthcare, increased educational opportunities, and good jobs. The singular focus on an extreme abortion policy is harming people.”

In a report, The Grand Delusion: Democrat's Extreme Abortion Policy Is Being Exposed, authors JT Kopczynski and Kristen Day argue that the extreme abortion position taken by the Party has been a massive liability in some regions of the country, costing seats. One of the most glaring examples is West Virginia, where the Democrats held 107 to 134 legislative seats a decade ago and now hold just three seats in the Senate and 12 in the House.

“We have lost 50 percent or more of Democratic legislators in ten states over the last decade,” said J.T. Kopczynski, Data Analytics Director for Democrats For Life.  “Additionally, eleven state legislatures have flipped from blue to red. Meanwhile, Republicans have nine statehouses with majorities of at least 60 percent, including six supermajorities.”  

“The way forward for Democrats is to advance the will of the majority, not to continue extreme abortion policies,” said Kopczynski. “There are plenty of opportunities for Democrats to lead on finding common ground solutions to addressing abortion. If they continue down this path, it will be difficult to win back Democratic seats across the country.”

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