Colorado Democrats Reveal a Pro-Abortion Agenda

Forced to Backtrack on Law that Takes Away Choice from Women

Fairfax, Virginia, May 4, 2023 - Colorado Democrats were forced to pause and not enforce a law preventing a woman from accessing medication that could prevent abortion if she changed her mind after taking an abortion drug.
“The essence of choice is to be able to make a decision. The law takes that choice away and violates the Colorado law supporting a fundamental right to continue a pregnancy,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats For Life. “Colorado Democrats clearly did not think through the implications of the law and the fact that it is an anti-choice law.”
The law prohibits doctors from prescribing medication to counter the effects of Mifepristone, an abortion drug that blocks progesterone necessary for a pregnancy to continue. While not 100 percent effective, the process to reverse the abortion pill has been successful for thousands of women. 
“The Democrats who pushed the legislation were driven by ideology and not science since the evidence for the abortion reversal protocol is multifaceted and robust,” commented Tom Perille, MD, President of Democrats for Life of Colorado.  
The defendant in the case, Bella Health and Wellness, assists women with abortion reversal and sued the state to allow them to continue to provide choice for women who decide not to abort.  
“The passage of the law reveals a moral blind spot among Democratic lawmakers who have overstepped on abortion policy since the Dobbs decision last year,” Day continued. “The passage of this law advances an anti-choice pro-abortion agenda that harms women and their ability to make decisions about pregnancy.”
Colorado’s thinly veiled abortion-only legislative agenda was also advanced by the passage of a second bill that removes copays/coinsurance for abortion while refusing to remove the financial impediments to prenatal/post-partum care.  
Several states have passed Constitutional Amendments to prevent abortion regulations-- even those regulations which ensure women remain safe during the procedure. The rate of abortion in these states is extremely high and targets low-income women, who account for 75 percent of abortions, according to Guttmacher Institute.
“We are pleased that the state saw the error of its ways and decided not to enforce the law, but the legislature must repeal it and address inequities in pregnancy outcomes,” added Day. “The current message is if you have resources, you can have a baby; if not, you should have an abortion. And, once you make that decision, you can’t change your mind.”

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