Democrats For Life Supports Haley’s Call for a National Consensus on Abortion

Statement by Kristen Day

Executive Director, Democrats for Life of America

Presidential candidate Nikki Haley last week called for a national consensus on the issue of abortion. We support that call to action and urge our elected representatives from both parties to make 2024 about women, their families, and their children…not abortion.  
Abortion politics has infected our nation long enough. The current climate is causing more harm than good. 
Abortion advocates have pushed to eliminate health and safety regulations governing abortion and endorsed federal legislation that would make abortion less safe for women. States have passed laws to allow non-qualified people to perform abortions. The FDA lowered its regulatory oversight of chemical abortions even though mail-order abortion pills have inflicted significant trauma on many women, have sent some who used them to emergency rooms, and have even led to death.
On the other side, states have pushed to limit abortion from the time of a detectable heartbeat but lack the infrastructure to connect pregnant women with available resources to help them stay in school, continue their careers, or have essential resources to support their growing families. Much more needs to be done in this regard. 
There is a national disconnect between caring for pregnant women and an agenda-driven bias about pregnancy and pregnant women. The national conversation needs to include accurate statistics and information, including accurate information on post-abortive medical and mental health complications as well as the financial reasons that often are the primary reason women choose abortion. We cannot support women if we don’t base our laws on science and truth.
Democrats For Life calls for honest and hopeful dialogue to provide better outcomes for women and their children. The current fractious debate serves neither. We applaud Ambassador Haley’s courage.

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