Democrats Urge Governor to Preserve Program to Help Pregnant Homeless Women

Fairfax, Virginia, May 9, 2023 - Governor Katie Hobbs indicated that she will line-item veto two measures supporting pregnant and parenting families. Democrats For Life urges the governor to fully fund and protect these valuable programs. The Family Health Pilot Program and the Homeless Pregnant Women Services program provide invaluable assistance to Arizona families.

“Pregnant women face many challenges only exacerbated when faced with homelessness and financial insecurity,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats For Life. “The programs the Governor has threatened to line-item veto provides essential resources and support.”

The new budget commendably funds health care and includes $150 million for a Housing Trust Fund Deposit – housing assistance for families at risk of or experiencing homelessness. Governor Hobbs has threatened to line-item veto $500,000 for Homeless Pregnant Women Services and remove $3 million in funding for the Family Health Pilot Program.

“The veto threat reveals a moral blind spot among Democratic lawmakers who have overstepped on abortion policy since the Dobbs decision last year,” Day continued. “They have made abortion funding a priority while cutting funding for women who make the choice to carry their child to term.”

The programs provide women with a choice when faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Over 75 percent of women who have abortions are financially insecure, according to the Guttmacher Institute. There are no quality statistics on how many pregnant women lack shelter.

“As Democrats, we can and should prioritize the needs of the most vulnerable,” said Day. “When discussing pregnancy support, it is easy to let abortion cloud our judgment. The women who benefit from these programs have already chosen to parent and need special care. We cannot leave them out on the streets with a line-item veto made just to pick up political points.” 





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