Democrats For Life of America is disappointed to learn of the formation of a “Reproductive Rights Working Group” by 17 State Attorneys General, all of whom are Democrats. According to Live Action News, the goal of this group is to “promote abortion and attack Pregnancy Resource Centers (PCR’s).” In addition to the 17 Attorneys General, the group also includes representatives from organizations such as the National Abortion Federation.

“If the Reproductive Rights Working Group of 17 Democratic Attorneys General really want to form 'reproductive justice units' within AG offices, they should ensure that reproductive justice priorities include the right for women to seek help from pregnancy aid services, and their right for women to change their minds about abortions they realize are unwanted - this includes the right to access abortion pill reversal information," said Kathy Kelly, President of Democrats For Life of Maryland. Adding, “How is it pro-choice to undermine or harass pregnancy aid services? This was tried by the Montgomery County Council in Maryland, which learned a $375,000 lesson in legal fees and court costs 10 years ago when it lost the Centro Tepeyac v Montgomery County case, over an ordinance requiring limited-service pregnancy centers to post signs that suggested to their clients that they are not qualified to talk with or assist them.”

“Pregnancy centers provide women facing unplanned pregnancies with choice, the choice to not have an abortion. Attacking Pregnancy Resource Centers is not pro-choice,” said Hayden Laye, DFLA’s National Chapter Development Director.

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