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June 27, 2016                                                                  703-424-6663
Washington, DC: The United States Supreme Court’s ruling in the Whole Women’s Health case means that the health of women will be less important than the profits of abortion facilities.
“This ruling does not protect women; instead it makes it more likely that we will have more Kermit Gosnells,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director of the Democrats For Life of America.Article Image
Whole Women’s Health sued Texas officials after the state passed a law that sets minimum safety requirements for abortion facilities. The law ensured that women would see doctors with hospital admitting privileges, in case of an emergency, and that abortion facilities would have the same standards as any other surgical centers. Rather than comply with these health-related provisions, Texas abortion providers filed suit. The DFLA filed an amicus brief taking the side of women.
Had standards like those in Texas been in effect in Philadelphia, they would have made it much harder for Kermit Gosnell to run his horrific abortion mill that took the lives of women and born babies. Gosnell, whose case was the inspiration for the Texas law that sought to protect women, was convicted in 2013, on three counts of first-degree murder for killing babies born alive during abortion procedure, and on one count of involuntary manslaughter for the death of Karnamaya Monga. Monga was reportedly given a lethal dose of anesthesia by Gosnell’s staff.
“Gosnell, while an extreme case, is the reason we can’t simply trust abortion facilities to care about women. They have to be under some form of government oversight,” Day said. “Ever since the New Deal, Democrats have fought to ensure that the people’s elected representatives have room to regulate powerful economic interests to protect people’s safety and health,” Day said. “But the Court, and leaders in the Democratic Party, now have dropped that tradition when the economic interest involves the abortion industry.  We believe it is time for a new women’s movement that will end the systemic cultural oppression of women through the promotion of abortion.”
The Whole Women’s Health argument claimed that Texas was harming women by setting safety standards and requiring the doctors who perform abortions have admitting privileges at the nearest hospital.
“How can such standards be considered an ‘undue burden’ to abortion when even the National Abortion Federation recommends that women choose a doctor who can admit them to a nearby hospital?” Day said. “Five unelected judges have now blocked these particular safety measures, but there are different laws on the books in many states that have been upheld by the Courts. State regulators must vigorously enforce those protections for women,” Day added.
DFLA has been at the forefront of really helping women by advocating measures that protect life, and that support women and children's health. DFLA was able to help add the Pregnancy Assistance Fund to the Affordable Care Act, making sure that expectant and parenting mothers have a network of support to gain access to health care, child care, family housing, and other critical services.
“This decision also makes it all the more important for us to provide compassion and support to women in unintended pregnancies. We know that there are abortion facilities that are unsafe. We need to double our efforts to provide alternatives to abortion.”
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