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December, 2016

Dear DFLA member:
As we enter the closing days of the year, I wanted to share a recent post from one of our DFLA board members:
…   Tonight I was on an excellent panel at St. Catherine's parish in Riverside, CT, on faith and the common good after the election. As part of my remarks … I made it clear how important it is that we find more and better ways to protect prenatal children and their mothers. 
After the panel, a number of people stayed to talk ….   At a certain point, a man, probably in his 70's, and his son, probably in his 30's, came over. The older man had tears in his eyes as he explained how much it meant to him to have a professor stand up for life and, particularly, the life of his son, who very clearly has Down syndrome. He explained that his wife had died and this was his only son.
About 30 seconds into this father gushing about his boy's accomplishments, the younger man simply grabbed me and hugged me as hard as I've been hugged by anyone. It was a hug that, yes, demonstrated affection and gratitude, but I got the very strong sense that it also came from fear and the need for protection/security.
…  It was one of the most moving moments of my life, and it reminded me why--despite all the challenges and frustrations that come with it--I will never, ever stop fighting for the protection of the most vulnerable from the horrific, barbaric practice of abortion in the United States….
 -Charles Carmosy, Ph.D.    DFLA
His experience reminded me that we must stay and fight within our Party to reach our ultimate goal – the respect and protection of all life. 
As we prepare our budget and plans for next year, we ask that you please consider an end-of-year gift to Democrats for Life of America.  
I’ve included a summary of our “Big ticket”/ important focus areas – National Legislative Initiatives, Pro-Life Democratic Candidacies, Ongoing Party Influence, Integrated Communication Strategies, and more….  
Please consider both the sweeping national initiatives and the quiet human vulnerability on which our efforts are focused.  Thank you in advance for anything you can spare for a year-end gift to Democrats for Life of America. Please click here to make a contribution today!
In life,
Janet Robert
Democrats For Life of America - 2016/2017
2016 Accomplishments
2017 Plans
Actively sponsoring conferences (and manning a table on-site ensures that we are reaching like-minded folks. It is a great membership driver.
Media Presence:
Our members have had greater visibility through commentaries and interviews. When the public hears more voices speak on the sanctity of life, it gives them courage to publicly take a stand.
Conferences where DFLA had a presence:
  1. Life/Peace/Justice Conference, Villanova, PA
  2. Pro-Life Women’s Conference, Dallas, TX
  3. Democratic National Convention, Philadelphia, PA
Noteworthy Media:
  1. Billboard at DNC Convention.
  2. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Op/Ed “Pro-life Democrats need to be more vocal about their beliefs.”
  3. LA Times Op/Ed “How the Democratic platform betrays millions of the party faithful.”
  4. USA Today Op/Ed “Texas law makes women safer: Opposing View”.
Conferences where DFLA would like to have a presence:
  1. March for Life, Washington, DC ($750 - Funded)
  2. Walk for Life West Coast ($75 – Funded) 
  3. Life/Peace/Justice Conference, Fairfax, VA ($500)
  4. Pro-life Women’s Conference, Orlando, FL ($1800) 
  5. National Right to Life Conference , Milwaukee, WI ($1500).
  6. Students for Life, Washington, DC 2018 ($2000).
Total needed: $5800.00  
We made very good headway moving the focus from ending funding for family planning to shifting it away from Planned Parenthood abortion clinics and to facilities, like Community Health Centers, that provide comprehensive healthcare for families. With Republicans in full control, we need to ensure that we preserve and advance support for pregnant women and new mothers.
 Legislative Accomplishments:
  1. Advocated for fully funding Community Health Centers over Planned Parenthood abortion clinics.
  2. Meetings with key legislators to help them understand how perinatal hospice options give families the courage to choose life.
  3. Meetings with legislators to educate them on paid maternity leave.
 Legislative Goals:
  1. Perinatal Hospice.
  2. Increase funding for Pregnancy Assistance Fund (Pregnant Women Support Act).
  3. Paid Maternity Leave
  4. Preserving important life-saving provisions in Obamacare, such as coverage for pre-existing conditions.
Total needed : $10,000.00
Annual Democrats For Life events are critical to uniting pro-life Democrats from around the country. The face-to-face contact and the opportunity to share ideas are invaluable.
We have some wonderful volunteers, but we desperately need to hire additional staff to help with our growing pains. Our numbers continue to grow, and we need more help to do a better job promoting our united message. Every day we receive e-mails and calls from people wanting to build or help with activities in their state.
  1. In the spring of 2016, in New Orleans, we held our annual conference to unite pro-life Democrats. It was wonderful to bring people from all over the country together to share ideas and learn about building an organization in their area.
  1. We also created a volunteer database and now have an exceptional group of volunteers to help with website updates, graphic design, editing, and writing. Out database also allows us to communicate more easily with members and provide updated information more easily to state volunteer coordinators.
  1. Our State Chapter Conference will bring us back to Philadelphia the weekend of April 1, We need to raise seed money to reserve space and for other pre-conference expenses. ($3,000)
  1. Our goal in 2017 is to hire a State Chapter Coordinator to build our grassroots movement. Every week, we receive queries about activities across the country. ($40,000)
Total needed: $43,000.00

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