“Abortion & Social Justice: ‘Prolife Progressive’ is not an Oxymoron”

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I am excited to share with you an essay just published in Commonweal magazine by one of members on the challenges of being a pro-life progressive.   He challenges the hesitancy of many progressives to accept a pro-life position.  Professor Gerald Schlabach of the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota writes,
"It should be easy to be a prolife progressive. If we could somehow start from scratch and map out political alliances and coalitions according to the logic of people’s stated values, social-justice advocacy would coalesce with the defense of the unborn at any number of points: a preference for working at the causes, not just the symptoms, of social ills; a commitment to pursuing nonviolent alternatives, even where many see violence as justifiable; a principled suspicion of any rhetorical move that defines human creatures as outside our circle of regard or rights; above all, an insistence on testing all policies according to how they affect the most vulnerable. 
In reality, of course, it is quite hard to be a prolife progressive. The current political cycle offers no shortage of fresh reminders as to why."  
From Professor Gerald Schlabach's essay, "Abortion & Social Justice:  'Prolife Progressive is not an Oxymoron".
Perhaps, like me, you often get frustrated with the hesitancy of our dear friends to commit to being pro-life.  They say, "I am opposed to abortion, but...."  Or they say, "I am not as strongly pro-life as you." 
Professor Schlabach cuts through those hesitancies to articulate why all progressives should embrace pro-life policies.
Please read the article and share it with friends.  It is online now and is in the print edition of Commonweal magazine.
We often hear heated arguments by our Democratic friends about how we shouldn't impose our values on others by telling a woman she shouldn't have a choice, but how often do we hear our friends insist that gun control is critically important?
In this essay, Professor Schlabach explains the inconsistency in a way that I found very helpful and am eager to share.
As you gather with family and friends for the Holidays, I don't suggest you get into an argument over these issues, but you might want to reflect on Professor Schlabach's musings and eventually share his essay with your friends and family. 
It is so important for this type of critical thinking on the sanctity of life and progressive values to become part of the mainstream dialogue.  So I encourage you to please share his analysis in a letter or op ed piece to your local media.
As we see the political scene evolve to one in which more pro-life politicians have won elections over pro-choice candidates, my friends think I should be happy; and in a way, I am hopeful, but as a progressive I am worried about the future of our women, children and men.  
I hope we all resolve in the New Year to fight for a progressive politics that, as Professor Schlabach suggests, "rests on a bedrock moral conviction that we do not solve our social problems by killing the weakest and most vulnerable among us...."
Please join us in changing the political discourse. 
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In life,
Janet Robert
President, Democrats for Life of America


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