2016 Elections: The tortoise and the hare

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January, 2017
The Pro-Life Voice Within the Democratic Party
The tortoise and the hare
Watching the post-election analysis reminds me of Aesop's fable The Tortoise and the Hare. The hare thought he was in such good shape he did not have to put in a lot of effort to win the race. All indications were that the hare was clearly faster and there was no question he could beat the tortoise. However, the hare was over- confident, took a nap, and lost. 
Just as with the 2016 election, the Clinton team was over confident and did not visit nor bother appealing to necessary constituencies within the Democratic Party. The campaign, like the hare, thought they could walk away with a victory.
Sure, on paper, no one thought Donald Trump could win. Hillary Clinton clearly had more experience from serving as a U.S. senator and  secretary of state. However, Democrats ignored the fact that they were already losing before the presidential race even began. No post-race excuses can excuse away the pre-race reality. All the pre-race indicators, which Democrats For Life released in its 2016 report, were ignored in favor of a pre-conceived narrative that Democrats could win because they thought they were better than the alternative.
It is a hard lesson to learn.
But it could also be the necessary fall before the rise.
Recent articles are beginning to acknowledge that the Democratic Party is stronger when we are inclusive, and particularly when we include pro-life voices (see column to the right).
Electing pro-life Democrats in 2018 will be critically important. Of the 25 Democratic senators who are up for re-election, three have pro-life voting records:  Senator Joe Donnelly (IN), Senator Joe Manchin (WV) and Senator Bob Casey (PA). We hope more pro-life Democrats will make a run for U.S. House seats this year, and we will be let you know when they do.
Our state chapters will be letting us know what state house seats have pro-life candidates.
Our work is making a difference, and we need your help to continue this effort. Please consider making a contribution today to help implement our 2017 plans (see attachment).
Thank you for your continued support.
With warmest regards and wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year,
Kristen Day
Executive Director
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Post-election articles show our message is being heard! 
Democrats Have a Religion Problem. This is an interview with Michael Wear, former director of President Obama's Faith-Based office. TheAtlantic.com, Dec. 25, 2016.
In Order to Compete Nationally, Democrats Must Embrace Pro-Life Candidates.   A pro-choice writer candidly argues the importance of the pro-life movement.  PasteMagazine.com, Dec. 6, 2016.
Leaving Pro-lifers behind: An end-of-year look at Hillary Clinton's loss. This article talks about Democrats' abortion problem. LiveActionNews.org, Dec. 31, 2016.
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