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John Bel Edwards Proves the Right Kind of Democrat Can Win in the South

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Media Contact: Kristen Day, Executive Director, DFLA
Phone: 703-424-6663
Washington, DC, November 17, 2019 -- Democrats For Life membership is encouraged and excited that John Bel Edwards won a second term as for Governor of Louisiana. The organization cited Edwards’ strong record and leadership in defending and protecting life at all stages and his successful advocacy on behalf of a whole life agenda as a critical component for his victory.
“Governor John Bel Edwards has shown by example that he is a consistent and reliable whole-life advocate,” said Kristen Day, executive director of DFLA. “He is a voice for the voiceless. As governor, he expanded access to healthcare, addressed obstacles to placing adoptive and foster children in loving homes, and was a leader passing criminal justice reform in Louisiana and nationally.”
Bel Edwards is the only Democratic governor in the South in a state that promotes pro-life values. The Louisiana legislature has more pro-life Democrats than any other state legislature and has passed bi-partisan life-enhancing legislation.
“A pro-choice Democratic candidate wouldn't have come close and wouldn't have given the state four years of helpful policies for low-income families,” said Day. “The Governor has stressed helping working families by increasing pay for teachers for the first time in years and expanded the Earned Income Tax Credit for low-income families.”
In red states, the Democratic Party relies solely on candidates distancing themselves as individuals from extreme national positions. Logistically, the party needs to win some red states in order to prevail in the Electoral College, the Senate, and redistricting battles.
“If Democrats would like to win around the nation, they need to offer a more moderate position on abortion, including dropping the Hyde repeal in the platform,” said Day. “They need to move away from glamorizing abortion and focus instead on enabling women to have real choices instead of supporting women being exploited by the abortion industry.
Candidates like John Bel Edwards are the future of the Party.”  

2019 CONFERENCE - We are motivated and inspired!

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Thank you, Michigan!

Our Michigan Chapter did an exceptional job for the 2019 conference. The speakers did not disappoint. We finished day 3 of the conference, and all of us are more inspired than ever before. We will give you a full report and upload videos of the speeches.

Thank you to all of the speakers, our sponsors, and the Michigan Chapter for all there incredible work. This was a fantastic weekend in Lansing at Michigan State University!

Watch converage of DFL on two Lansing television stations!

DFLA President Kristen Day smiling next to a billboard by Progress Michigan that says Go Green! Go White! Go home Dems for Life!Progress Michigan, a local Democratic progressive group, did not like that we were coming to East Lansing. The organization started a petition to protest our arrival and hired a billboard truck and digital billboard. Ironically, the exposure provided us with incredible media attention, including print, radio and television.

You can watch the two spots on evening television news below:

WLNS News, Lansing, Michigan

WILX News, Lansing, Michigan

Unfortunately, the group declined an invitation to meet us and learn more about our pro-life-for-the-whole-life position.


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Washington, D.C. - Democrats For Life of America (DFLA) is disappointed that Vice President Joe Biden changed his position on the bi-partisan Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funding of abortion unless a pregnancy is a result of rape or incest or is done to save the life of the mother.

“We are extremely disappointed that Vice President Biden choose to cave to the pressure of the abortion lobby instead of standing with a majority of Americans who support the Hyde Amendment,” said Kristen Day, the executive director of DFLA. “With all the major candidates fighting to be the most extreme on abortion, there is a wide open lane for a candidate to bring an alternative position to the discussion and to unify Democrats around common ground principles.”

 The Hyde Amendment was signed into law in 1977 by Democratic President Jimmy Carter, with the support of almost half of the Democratic legislators in the U.S. Congress. Today, 58% of Americans still oppose federal funding of abortion (2016 Politico/Harvard (Chan School) Poll)

“As pro-life Democrats, we would like to see the focus on support for mothers to make abortion rare,” said Day. “We believe that our Democratic Party can and should find common ground along those lines. Considering the large number of poor women who believe that abortion is their only choice, paying for abortion and not focusing on alternatives does not coincide with our Democratic values.”

 According to the Guttmacher Institute, most women (75 percent) who seek abortions are living in poverty.  Yet polls indicate that that same demographic – the 75 percent of women who seek abortions and are living in poverty -- opposes public funds to pay for abortion. According to the 2016 Politico/Harvard (Chan School) Poll, "Voters making more than $75,000 were more supportive of using Medicaid funds for abortion services (45% favor) than those making $25,000 or less (24% favor)." 

“As Democrats, we advocate for equal opportunity and equality,” said Day. “Poor women don’t want money for abortions; they want the same opportunities to parent as their rich counterparts. We believe that the Democratic 2020 candidates should move the debate from abortion-access to how are we going to provide low-income women with the same opportunities and a real choice?”


Governor Edwards is a Real Democrat Who Courageously Stands Up for Women and Children

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Media Contact: Kristen Day, Executive Director, DFLA
Phone: 703-424-6663



Democrats for Life of America congratulates Governor John Bel Edwards for his integrity and courage by signing Louisiana’s legislation to prohibit abortion once a heartbeat is detected.

Governor Edwards is a leader for the “pro-life-for-the-whole-life” movement by advocating for life in the womb, women with unplanned pregnancies, and support for families and for any person who needs assistance. We commend his consistent approach to governing.

In his first official act after his election in 2015, Governor Edwards signed an executive order to expand Medicaid, providing more than 450,000 of the state’s working poor with health-care coverage. As a result, new mothers have better access to prenatal and postnatal care, and Louisianans have better access to preventive and primary health care. Medicaid expansion has also been linked to more economic stability for families.

Governor Edwards has prioritized finding homes for children in foster care and children in need of loving homes. As a result, Louisiana set a record for the number of children adopted from foster care, increased the number of adoptions overall, and decreased the number of children in need of adoption; and abortions have dropped by 15 percent – from 10,211 in 2014 to 8,049 in 2018. The governor’s whole-life support includes funding for early childhood education, which was drastically cut by his Republican predecessor, and a living wage for families to support themselves.

Democrats for Life of America supports legislation to recognize the fact that life begins in the womb and the fact that a fetal heartbeat can be seen and heard at six weeks. However, we must continue to address the difficulty of our struggle to make the long-term commitment to that new life and the reality of the challenges that many women face, including poverty, pressure to abort their children, and news of a prenatal diagnosis. We urge states that passed, or are considering, reasonable abortion regulations to follow the lead of Governor John Bel Edwards by looking for opportunities and implementing meaningful support for economically vulnerable women and families.

The Republican Party’s efforts to pass abortion regulations that are unaccompanied by strong social supports will only cement the idea that "pro-life" people don’t care about the children after birth or about their mothers. The Democratic Party’s efforts to move away from the goal of making abortion “safe, legal, and rare” – the goal set by President Clinton – along with an increased effort to exclude pro-life Democrats from the party, are only playing into the Republicans’ hands to reduce the effectiveness of the Democrats’ ability to protect both women and children.

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