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June 24, 2013

Washington, DC – This week, Democrats For Life of America filed an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief in the U.S. Supreme Court, supporting the freedom of pro-life sidewalk counselors to continue to offer alternatives to women seeking abortions. The case, McCullen v. Coakley, involves a Massachusetts law that imposes a 35-foot buffer zone around abortion clinic entryways and driveways, violating the First Amendment rights of counselors to communicate information about support and alternatives and the right of women willing to receive such information.


“We often hear in the political battlefield about the protecting a women’s right to choose,” said Day.  “Many women who visit clinics do not think there is an option other than abortion.  The petitioners offer financial support, food, housing, health care and other information and support to provide women with a real choice.”




The brief was joined by Clergy for Better Choices, a network of pastors and church leaders concerned about the high abortion rates in the New York City metropolitan area, especially among minority communities.  The brief emphasizes studies that indicate that a significant number of women seek abortion with ambivalence and are driven to abortion because of concerns about “personal finances, housing, health care, and lack of parenting training.”  Studies also show that poor women are over-represented among those having abortions.

Remembering Lindy Boggs

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Over the past month, we have seen many tributes written about the inspirational and humble Lindy Boggs. The personal stories and memorials honor her career and her character as a legislator, a mother, a mentor, and a friend. She passed away on July 27, 2013 at the age of 97.

We are all greatly inspired by her many accomplishments and her advocacy for women's rights and civil rights. I was surprised, however, not to hear more about her pro-life views. She clearly opposed abortion, but I was expecting a great quote or an inspirational speech espousing the reasons she opposed abortion. It could have been that the media decided not to focus or acknowledge her position as a pro-life Democrat.

As I read the many tributes, I began to realize that while the many tributes did not mention her opposition to abortion, they did not need to say anything. She did not need some grand explanation because her whole life position was so clear. She understood what many pro-life advocates fail to recognize today: there is more to opposing abortion than putting arguments in a political advertisement or using a sound bite to win an election. Lindy Boggs represented and voted a whole-life philosophy, not for political reasons or to gain an advantage, but because she believed that life was valuable. She understood the necessity of providing tools for families to prosper and succeed.

She possessed an understanding that women and families who faced unplanned pregnancies and single mothers raising children needed more support. She voted, lived, and acted with kindness, always extending a helping hand or advocating for a legislative initiative that would help and support people.


Cuomo Kills Women's Equality Bill

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Democrats for Life of America
Contact: Kristen Day -202-220-3066
June 24, 2013
Democrats For Life Urges Passage of Other 9 Points and New 10th Point to Support Pregnant Women
Washington, DC –Democrats for Life of America expressed disappointment over Governor Cuomo’s failure to pass a Women’s Equality bill and challenged  the New York Assembly to reconvene and pass the historic measures. The Governor’s abortion expansion language clearly prevented  passage of a package of bills to support women’s rights to address issues such as employment discrimination, paid maternity leave, domestic violence and human trafficking.
“The Governor had an opportunity to promote equal rights and opportunity for women,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director, Democrats For Life of America.  “ Instead, he advanced a cause for a vocal minority who want unfettered access to abortion.  Now his pro-choice allies and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver are still blocking the nine points passed by the Senate.”

Abortion Language Will Prevent Passage of Women's Rights Package

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Democrats for Life of America
Feminists Choosing Life of New York
Contact: Kristen Day -202-220-3066
Consensus Means Removing Abortion Expansion
Albany, NY – Democrats For Life of New York and Feminists Choosing Life of New York issued an open letter to supporters of the Women’s Equality Act (WEA) to urge removal of the abortion expansion provisions. There is consensus and widespread support for the first nine points of the WEA concerning equality and safety for women, but not for the abortion language of the tenth point.
“Governor Cuomo stated that he is looking for consensus, and we have that on the first nine points of his proposal,” said Kristen Day, Executive Director of Democrats For Life of America.  “The abortion language is divisive, controversial, and unnecessary. The only purpose it serves is to scuttle passage of a bill to advance women’s rights. The governor should not put the demands of the abortion industry above good legislation to promote, protect, and support women.”
Forty years ago, the failure to include abortion-neutral language prevented passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. It was on the verge of passing with 35 states agreeing to ratify the Amendment. Abortion-neutral language was proposed but not included, causing five states to repeal their approval of that federal constitutional amendment and resulting in the ERA's eventual defeat.
“We should not make the same mistake today that our leaders made 40 years ago.  Most groups who support the Women’s Equality Act do not take a position on abortion,” said Carol Crossed, board member of DFL of New York. “We should work together to demand immediate passage of the nine points that we all agree on that will provide immediate support and equality for women.”

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