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Centers will not have to advertise how to get abortions

Democrats for Life of America (DFLA) commends the U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning the California law that required centers that oppose abortion and provide support to pregnant and parenting women to tell women how to obtain state-funded abortions. The law – the “Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care and Transparency Act” – would require pro-life pregnancy centers to “provide a government-drafted script about the availability of state-sponsored services, as well as contact information for how to obtain them.”

“Under the law, the pro-life centers would have been forced to promote abortion, the very service they were set up to oppose,” said Kristen Day, the executive director of Democrats for Life of America. “Many women in crisis pregnancy don’t want abortion – even abortion-rights supporters will agree with that.  The pro-life centers provide a viable option for women who don’t want abortion.”

 The law violated the First Amendment’s Free Speech Clause by compelling pregnancy centers to advertise a message—how to get abortions—that they deeply oppose and that, indeed, conflicts with their very reason for existing. The law also discriminated against the state’s disfavored viewpoint—by singling out centers with a pro-life viewpoint, opposed to abortion, while doing nothing to ensure that abortion providers give information to their clients about alternatives to abortion.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra argued that “information is power, and all women should have access to information they need when making personal health care decisions.”

 “If the attorney general really believed that, he would have also required abortion clinics to provide women with referrals to one of the 135 pregnancy centers that offer women the right to parent,” said Day. “The law was singularly focused on sending women to abortion clinics instead of empowering women to make true decisions about their pregnancy and their future.”

Pro-life pregnancy centers offer women job training, clothing for both the mothers and babies, and other resources both during and after pregnancy.

“Pregnancy care centers give compassionate support to tens of thousands of women across the nation,” said Day. “They do not mislead women, as pro-abortion groups falsely claim. The court correctly ruled on this case.”


A Busy Successful Week!

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DFLA Newsletter
March 27, 2018 
The Whole Life Voice Within The Democratic Party
Dear DFLA Friend,
It has been an exciting week for pro-life Democrats, and I am eager to share with you some of the developments.
  • The Illinois 3rd Congressional District re-elected Congressman Dan Lipinski, a pro-life Democrat, despite millions of dollars spent by the abortion lobby to discredit him. NARAL (the National Abortion Rights Action League) and Emily’s List together spent more than 1 million dollars directly for his opponent’s campaign. In the end, this solid Democratic district rejected a female candidate who proudly advertised, “I am 100% pro-choice.”This race should send a strong signal to the Democratic Party that when Democrats have a choice, many prefer a pro-life Democrat. We continue to reach out to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) to encourage "BIG TENT" Democratic Party candidates. 
  • New York members made progress in their effort to stop abortion expansion in New York. Their billboard campaign to raise $5000, featured on our website, gained some momentum when an AP reporter covered the story. We are a little shy of our goal, but the billboard is up and making a strong statement. 
  • We unveiled our new scholarship fund, and 94% of the prize money is already committed to the fund. Everyone can join in spreading the word about the availability of the scholarship. 
  • I spoke to the Harvard Law School students in Cambridge, Massachusetts, about pro-life Democrats and our “pro-life for the whole life” position.
  • I attended the Students For Life event in New York City and met with some fantastic pro-life women leaders.
  • Our Georgia Chapter kicked off its FaceBook page. Check it out by clicking here
To keep up these good works and be effective, we appreciate your ability to give of your talent or treasure. We have a fantastic group of volunteers in the Washington, D.C., area and throughout the country who help with everything from editing newsletters, writing press releases, and updating our website to advising candidates and coordinating our volunteers.  But we need more help. We are in desperate need of more administrative staff to support our growing organization!
What can YOU do TODAY? 
Please consider making a monthly contribution that might better fit your budget. Even $20 a month can go a long way toward paying the light bills.
You can become a SUSTAINING MEMBER OF DFLA by clicking here.
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  • We need only $250 more to meet our goal for the scholarship fund. Click here to help with the award.
  • We have several more candidates whom we would like the DCCC to support. If you want to help open the big tent, click here.
  • If you would like to help fund our upcoming conference, please click here.
  • Or, if you want to help with general donations, please contribute by clicking here.
Thank you so much for your support and generosity.
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Congressman Lipinski’s Victory is a Big Win for the Big Tent

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Washington, DC: Democrats For Life of America congratulates Congressman Dan Lipinski on his well-deserved Primary win.

Steve Schneck, former Director of Catholic University’s Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies summed up the victory in an early morning tweet, “Wrongheaded Democrat elites in DC targeted incumbent Democrat Dan Lipinski for defeat by a primary opponent. Pro-life Lipinski does not bow to DC activists on abortion. But tonight, with the help of Chicago’s working-class Latinos & African-Americans Lipinski defeated the DC insider.”

“This was a win for the Big Tent Democratic Party,” said Kristen Day, executive director, Democrats For Life of America.

A recent poll before the election by NARAL Pro-choice America showed that women favored Lipinski by 43% to 40% and Hispanic voters by 44% to 33%.  African Americans supported Lipinski by a more considerable margin, 54% to 26%.

The pro-abortion lobby flooded the district with money and volunteers painting Representative Lipinski as a conservative who was out of touch with his district. They pointed to his vote against the Affordable Care Act (ACA), although he has been a vocal proponent of affordable healthcare and has opposed every attempt to overturn it. They also painted Dan as anti-immigrant telling voters he supports a border wall, which he clearly stated he did not. The groups used a 2006 vote, supported by a majority of Democrats, including then-Senator Obama to fund a fence along 700 miles of the Mexican border.

“The outside messaging called Dan conservative and not a real Democrat,” said Day. “His record says otherwise with an 88 percent Party loyalty rating and solid lifetime records with labor, education and environmental groups. The race was not about Dan’s record on traditional Democratic values. It was, plain and simple, about abortion and an effort to purify the Democratic Party of pro-life voices.”

The abortion lobby and Super PACs heavily financed Marie Newman's campaign.  The Citizens for a Better Illinois Super PAC controlled by NARAL leadership out of Washington, D.C. raised and spent over a $1 million against Lipinski.  Groups from outside the district also heavily attacked Lipinski. Postcards to Voters targeted Lipinski’s district providing people all over the country with names and address of voters in the 3rd Congressional district, urging voters to support Marie Newman. Senator Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY) also called for Lipinski’s defeat and provided his opponent with a contribution from her Super PAC.

"The amount of Democratic resources wasted on this campaign is quite frankly a failure of leadership by the DNC,” said Day. “This would have been the perfect opportunity to step in and say, ‘Congressman Lipinski is a moderate Democrat, who has been with us on many key issues, so our resources would be better used to protect Senate incumbents and fight for victories in purple House seats to give Democrats the House majority.’”

“Democrats have an opportunity to take back the House in November,” said Day,” but the key to winning is a Big Tent approach of inclusion and support for candidates who represent the views of their districts.”


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Governor Cuomo is at it again! He is trying to expand abortion in New York.

As you may know, the state of New York has fewer restrictions on abortion than nearly every other state in the nation and almost double the national average of abortions. In fact, 1 in 10 abortions in the United States is performed in New York. But Governor Cuomo wants more.

We need your help to urge Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York Legislature to remove the abortion-expansion language from his budget plan once again.

The abortion-expansion measure will do nothing to help women. Combining unfettered access to abortion with the governor’s support for unlimited public funding of abortion does not help women – particularly those forced or coerced into abortion.

The abortion-expansion language would allow late-term abortions and would allow non-doctors to perform abortions in a state that already has one of the highest abortion rates.  And the governor’s 2018-2019 budget proposed public funding for abortion with no cap on expenditures.

Cuomo is carrying the agenda for a minority group of pro-abortion radicals instead of fighting to advance the fundamental rights of women. If the governor were interested in addressing the real needs of women, his first stop would be New York City, where abortions outnumber live births.  He might then realize that it is not access to abortion that women are lacking; it is support to carry their babies to term that women are lacking.

Please help us:

1.) Contribute to our billboard campaign.

2.) Contact Governor Cuomo.

3.) Contact your state senator (if you live in New York).

We stopped this effort before, and we can do it again with your help.

Report from the March for Life!

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DFLA Newsletter
January 24, 2018     
The Whole Life Voice Within The Democratic Party
Please consider a contribution today.
Your help will go a long way because we genuinely stretch every dollar to make the most impact
by Kristen Day
The March for Life never fails to inspire me and give me hope for our future. It is such an uplifting experience to be around thousands of people who have compassion for 
human dignity. We received some much-needed encouragement and support for our message "pro-life for the whole life" and also for remaining in our Democratic Party to fight for those most vulnerable.
Our morning started off with breakfast and an incredible presentation by Tammy Ruiz about perinatal hospice. You can learn more by clicking here. I challenge you to keep a dry eye while watching this video. One of the most emotional parts of her speech involved a woman Tammy worked with after she received a prenatal diagnosis. The woman had everything in place and was prepared to deliver a child who would not survive. Fortunately, a medical diagnosis is not always correct, and her child is now six years old and healthy.
****The author (son of executive director Kristen Day) is a sixteen-year-old sophomore who attends Bishop O’Connell High School in Falls Church, Virginia
The March for Life was an amazing experience, just as it was last year. It really builds up one’s confidence to be part of something so big and inspirational. My day began at 6 a.m. when I woke up to get ready. I left at 7 with my mom to meet up with my junior friend at O’Connell High School, where we also saw some others walking inside to meet everyone going on the bus – for example, my freshman friend Sarah. My friend Erin had gotten dropped off, and we left for D.C.
We went to Old Ebbitt Grill, where breakfast was served in a private room.  Tammy Ruiz gave a presentation about perinatal hospice.  Perinatal hospice is a preparation of parents who choose life for their babies with life-threatening conditions that give them less than a day or an hour to live. It made me feel even more supportive of the Pro-life Movement to find out that such a thing existed.
Our Colorado Chapter represented our whole life view at the March for Life and the Women's March. Congratulations to Denise and Frances for making it in the Denver Post! 
"The fight for equality also set Denver friends Denise Archuleta, 53, and Frances Rossi, 75, on their march Saturday. They were first-timers to the Denver Women’s March.
“I’m here because this administration is toxic. Women are treated as less than equal by the Trump administration,” Archuleta said. “I’m pro-life for the whole life — not just at conception.”
Help us fund these upcoming events and contribute to our conference fund. Your contribution will fund registration fees, materials and staff time. Link here to donate today.
2018 "I WANT MY PARTY BACK" DFLA State Conference
July, 2018
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