Steps the DNC Can Take to Include Pro-Life Democrats



Clear Statement from the Party Chair with Inclusive Language for Pro-Life Democrats

We request a clear statement from our party chair that eliminates the current litmus test on abortion. Saying we are a big tent party that includes pro-life Democrats does not do enough to ensure that this practice will be followed. Pro-life Democratic candidates should be free to advocate and vote their conscience without pressure from party leadership.  Therefore, we request a public statement on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) website and a letter from the national chair to all state and local party chairs explaining that the party does not support an abortion litmus test and pressuring people to change their position on life.

Return to the 50-State Strategy

When Democrats followed the 50-state strategy, as recently as 2006 and 2008, we won. It means seeking out and supporting competitive Democratic candidates throughout the country, at all levels of government. As documented in our “Open The Big Tent” report, the losses for Democrats since the beginning of the Obama administration have been staggering. Our party is in its weakest state since 1928. Currently, one-third of all Democratic members of Congress are located in THREE states: California, Massachusetts, and New York. We cannot simply be the party of the West Coast and the Northeast. We need to open up and support Democratic Party candidates who represent all of America.

Allow a Pro-Life Democratic Community 

The DNC brings many communities together so that like-minded individuals have an opportunity to work toward common goals. A listing for the pro-life Democratic community on the website would portray that we are an inclusive and diverse party. Consultants need to be told by the party that they serve the candidate, not the party.

Identify Pro-Life Democratic Voters and Pro-Life-Leaning Districts

Establish a process to identify pro-life Democrats in the DNC database for appropriate messaging and fundraising. Current Democratic polling gives an inaccurate picture of the community’s values on abortion. Polling usually asks only if you support overturning Roe v. Wade, to which many pro-life people would answer, “No.”  Pollsters need to ask specific questions that provide a clear understanding of the values of the district and that allow the Democratic candidate to create a position and message that resonates in that district. Such questions include support for reasonable regulations of abortion, for barring taxpayer funding of non-therapeutic abortions, for abortion-reducing safety-net measures to support women and children, and for restrictions on abortion after 20 weeks of gestation.

Enable Consulting for Pro-Life Democrats

Pro-life Democrats often have trouble finding political consultants who understand pro-life districts. Currently, consultants frequently caution candidates to either minimize or change their position even in districts that are consistently won by pro-life candidates.

Enable Financial Support for Pro-Life Democrats

We request the establishment of a Democratic Pro-Life Political Action Committee to be used specifically to support pro-life Democratic candidates.

Discuss Inclusive Abortion Language in the 2020 Democratic Party Platform

The 2020 party platform language on abortion must be inclusive of Democrats who oppose abortion; at the very least, it must remove the language opposing the Hyde Amendment. As a party, we should prioritize decreasing abortion and making it rare, as Bill Clinton expressed in his campaign. This is something on which everyone can agree. 

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