Dear Pro-life Friend,

Imagine if your computer worked only two days of every three, or that your car started two mornings and then took a “day off” for the third day.  Imagine a PowerPoint presentation where every third slide was missing. . .

This is the condition of the Democratic Party in the United States.

The Democratic Party is EXCLUDING the one in three Democrats in our country who are Pro-Life. This practice alienates 21 million Democrats from the party we support. Consequently in the last three election cycles, the Democratic Party has:

  • LOST  69  House of Representative seats;
  • LOST  13 Senate seats;
  • LOST  912 State Legislature seats;
  • LOST  30 State legislative chambers; and
  • LOST  12 Governorships.

We're losing Middle America, and it's all going red

Republican legislators too often claim to be pro-life but continue to vote AGAINST legislation vital to the support of pregnant women and families including voting down the Violence Against Women Act, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (equal pay for equal work),  and the Affordable Care Act .

Currently, we have fewer Democrats in elected office than at any time since the Hoover Administration.

This Must Change.

We start here and now.

We need your financial support today.

Here is how we will begin:

  • BIG TENT advertising campaign including billboards. We want to erect as many billboards as we can at a cost of $5000 each.  Our Message: 1 in 3 Democrats is Pro-Life. Open the Big Tent!
  •  ID pro-life Democrats in key districts. With time, effort, and some funding, we can identify our pro-life Democratic friends and colleagues. There are 21 million of us! Help us find them!
  • Outreach via phone or mail to the newly identified pro-life Democrats to encourage our pro-life friends to work with us to change the party.

We have already made great progress. Just this fall, we endorsed John Bel Edwards — a whole life Democrat — who won  the Governor’s Office in a historically RED state:  Louisiana! 

You can help us achieve more by supporting the Open the Big Tent Initiative!    

We have a goal of $100,000 for this 12-month campaign.**

Winning back pro-lifers does not mean the start of a culture war — our Democratic Party is uniquely positioned to appeal to pro-lifers on a broad range of issues from abortion to the environment, to healthcare, to strengthening the social safety net for all Americans.
We MUST support courageous pro-life Democratic officials in state offices around the country as well as in Congress. I hope you will join me in this critical year for Pro-Life Democrats.


Janet Robert
Board President  

Democrats for Life of America

**Imagine: if every pro-life Democrat in the US contributed just a dollar to this important work, we’d have $21 million to advance pro-life initiatives in the Democratic Party.

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