Senator Kaine: Protect Women! Drop the WHPA!

PETITION: Protect Women! Drop the WHPA!

Dear Senator Tim Kaine,

We urge you to remove your support and name as a cosponsor from Senate Bill 701, the “Women’s Health Protection Act” (WHPA). This legislation does not address the inequities in women’s healthcare nor protect women. This bill is misnamed and misleading. 

Health and safety regulations are essential to ensure that overzealous industries do not cut corners for profit. No industry should receive special carve-outs to remove proper regulation and oversight. The health and safety of the American people must remain the overriding concern of our laws and regulations.

The proposed legislation would overturn health and safety regulations for abortion procedures across the country. This would allow unsafe conditions for women to proliferate while providing unprecedented privileges to those who perform abortions. This bill would be more aptly named the Abortion Provider Privileges Act.

A recent Virginia Statewide Survey found 82 percent of respondents support a reasonable compromise on abortion policy, not extremism. Surely health and safety regulations to protect women are part of that reasonable compromise, and S.B. 701 is contrary to finding such middle ground.  

While some have claimed that the WHPA codifies Roe v. Wade, the WHPA goes far beyond the Roe framework. Unlike Roe, it does not differentiate between trimesters nor uphold common sense health and safety regulations around abortion. Unlike Roe, it does not address the balance between the “government’s interest in protecting women’s health” and protecting “the potentiality of human life.” Instead of restoring Roe, the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act” creates “a statutory right” to “provide abortion services.” 

Regulations which guarantee that women receive the full range of options and continuous care  from an informed provider are just some of the commonsense health and safety regulations which protected women under Roe and protect women now, but would be lost under the WHPA.

S.B. 701 is not a straightforward bill to codify Roe. This bill will make abortion less safe for women as it leaves providers to chase profits. 

Please remove your support from this legislation and prioritize protections for women.


Your Constituents

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